8 Drink Recommendations Based On Your Favorite Bachelorette Suitor

 8 Drink Recommendations Based On Your Favorite Bachelorette Suitor

After much will-they-or-won’t-they, The Bachelorette finally kicked off a new season of will-she-or-won’t-she. Bless. While there’s obvs some serious twists and turns headed our way, Clare Crawley has quite the crop of eligible suitors to choose from. How will she choose?!

More pressingly, how will you choose what you’re going to drink as you watch this inevitable dumpster fire doused in Axe Body Spray go down? We have some suggestions for you, based on your fave suitors so far.

Blake Moynes + Bulleit Bourbon

One part outdoorsy guy who drinks Bulleit straight from the bottle, one part manscaper who does a robust teeth-whitening regimen after his nightcap.

Bennet + Don Julio 1942

Guy rolls up in a cashmere scarf in peak desert heat and Rolls Royce that almost certainly isn’t his. But Clare should keep him around in case he busts out a bottle of that small batch, aged-to-perfection Don Julio.

Jason + Captain Morgan

This former pro-football player was born on Long Island and is obsessed with My Cousin Vinny. Zero percent chance this guy doesn’t take shots of Captain Mo’ on the regular. Good for you, Jason. That sounds fun.

Dale + Ketel One

So smooth, you can’t help but wonder when the other shoe is going to drop. Ketel’s the real deal, though. Dale? WE HAVE SOME RESERVATIONS. 

Blake Monar + Johnnie Walker Black Label

Blake is a male grooming specialist. Johnnie Walker is a dandy. Two peas in a pod. But one of these men has never traveled outside the U.S. and “loves to take his mom shopping,” according to his bio. Guess which one.

Brendan + Tanqueray

Look. We know Brendan is not English. But he could 100% play the part of a handsome chimney sweep in a movie set during 19th century England—the same era this iconic gin was invented.

Eazy + Baileys

A guy who jumps through a paper screen to make an entrance and wears a salmon-colored three-piece suit also seems like the kind of guy who takes a little Bailey’s with this coffee in the morning. All the fun, all the time. 

Brandon + Smirnoff Green Apple

Apple-flavored vodka that’s crisper than Brandon’s jawline. He’s a self-described “Italian stallion” with “the abs of an A-list movie star.” Hmm. Leaves a bit of a sour taste in the mouth, but we’ll see if he’s got the sweetness to balance it out. 

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