Bulleit vs. Maker’s Mark | Bourbon Comparison

Trying to decide between Bulleit Bourbon or Maker’s Mark? In this guide, we’ll break down the similarities and differences between these two distinct bourbon options.

Bulleit Bourbon vs. Maker’s Mark

  • Brand History: The Bulleit label, originally created by Augustus Bulleit in the early 1800s, was revived by his great-great-grandson Tom Bulleit in 1987. Augustus had a unique approach to bourbon, emphasizing rye in the recipe, but vanished mysteriously while transporting his bourbon barrels.
  • Mash Bill and Production: Bulleit Bourbon features a high rye content in its mash bill – 68% corn, 28% rye, and 4% malted barley. This unique blend contributes to its spicy and bold character.
  • Tasting Notes: It’s known for a spicy profile with notes of pepper, oak, butterscotch, mint, and cherry. The finish is smooth and creamy, balancing the spice.
  • Alcohol Content: Bulleit is bottled at 90 proof (45% ABV), giving it a robust and full-bodied character.
  • Distinctiveness: Its high-rye content sets it apart, offering a bold and spicy flavor profile, which makes it a versatile choice for both sipping and mixing in cocktails​​​​​​​​.
  • Average Price: The average price for Bulleit Bourbon ranges around $29 for its standard offering.
  • Is Bulleit Good for Old Fashioneds? With its high rye content and spicy profile, Bulleit is an excellent choice for an Old Fashioned. The bourbon’s bold flavors stand up well to the sweetness and bitters in this classic cocktail, offering a well-balanced and complex drink.

  • Brand History: Maker’s Mark has a rich history as a family-owned brand, known for its handcrafted approach to bourbon. It’s one of the most recognizable bourbon brands globally.
  • Mash Bill and Production: Maker’s Mark uses a softer wheat-based recipe instead of the traditional rye. This unique choice imparts a smoother, sweeter flavor profile to the bourbon.
  • Tasting Notes: Generally, Maker’s Mark is appreciated for its smooth and sweet notes, with hints of vanilla, caramel, and light spice. It’s known for its gentleness on the palate.
  • Alcohol Content: Like Bulleit, Maker’s Mark also has a standard proof of 90 (45% ABV).
  • Distinctiveness: Maker’s Mark is renowned for its hand-dipped red wax seal, a symbol of its commitment to quality and craft. It’s often favored by those who prefer a smoother, sweeter bourbon.
  • Average Price: Maker’s Mark is generally priced similarly to Bulleit Bourbon, with its standard bottle costing around $30. Maker’s Mark’s special editions and aged versions may be priced higher.
  • Is Maker’s Mark Good for Old Fashioneds? Known for its smooth and sweet profile, Maker’s is also a good choice for an Old Fashioned. Its softer wheat-based flavor complements the cocktail ingredients, creating a smoother and slightly sweeter version of the drink.


Both Bulleit Bourbon and Maker’s Mark are priced similarly in the market, making them accessible options for whiskey enthusiasts. In terms of mixing cocktails, particularly an Old Fashioned, your choice would depend on your flavor preference. Bulleit’s spicier notes offer a bolder cocktail experience, while Maker’s Mark provides a smoother and sweeter take on the classic Old Fashioned. Each brings its unique character to the cocktail, catering to different palates.

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