Fall is Here!

Buzzed & Cozy: 6 Fall-Flavored Spirits To Sip While Wearing a Sweater

Friends, it’s finally time. Time to stop pretending you’re still all about those summer flavors. Like, mango, you were great. We had a good run. You’re very sweet. But it’s time to make way for your more festive, crisp, cozy colleagues.


Apple everything. Pumpkin everything. Spice everything. Wrap yourself in a knockoff of Lenny Kravitz’s giant scarf & clear the calendar. You’ve got some apple drinks to drink.

Bailey's Pumpkin Spice

An absurdly delicious liqueur gets even more absurdly delicious. Pairs exceptionally well with coffee & not caring about what comes after that.

Smirnoff Green Apple

Smirnoff Green Apple

A sassy little malus domestica. Pleasantly tart & subtly sweet.

Crown Royal Apple

Infused with regal gala apples, naturally. Only regal stuff for the royal stuff.

Rumple Minze

Too soon for peppermint? No way. Go for it, candy cane stans.

Captain Morgan Sliced Apple Spiced Rum

All the good parts of apple pie, plus alcohol. Bonus: It requires zero baking skills.

Bailey’s Apple Pie Irish Cream Liqueur

Creamy, spicy and apple-y? Sign us up.

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