How To Make Rum Punch

Rum punch is a beloved aperitif in the Caribbean. Mixing a unique blend of tropical flavors, this fruity cocktail is sure to pack a punch at your next party.

It is believed that this island drink originally comes from England and eventually made its way to the West Indies, where it took on the tropical notes that it’s famous for today.

This blend is also known as the Bahama Mama or as Rum Runners. There are many variations of this drink, but a few ingredients are essential. Since this is a Caribbean drink, it’s important to preserve the traditions of its homeland.

The Caribbean is known for its sandy beaches, but it’s also known for its wide variety of rums. You can practically find any flavor of rum in this region; dark, spiced, flavored. You name it.

To start, you’re obviously going to need some rum. But what kind of rum? Most rum punch recipes use dark rum, light or plain rum, and coconut rum. You can decide how much each to use according to your taste preferences, but these three rums should always be your base.

There’s a lot more that goes into making rum punch, though. There are many caveats in creating this age-old cocktail. Find out below exactly how to make rum punch with Saucey.


Difference between punch and cocktails

One thing you should know before getting started is the difference between punch and a cocktail. On the surface, it seems like they are the same thing. But punch is meant for large groups of people, while a cocktail usually only serves one or two people.

Rum punch is an awesome party drink, but it can also be drunk alone or in small groups. You don’t need to make an entire vat to enjoy it.

Here’s a fun fact: the word “punch” comes from a Sanskrit word that translates to “five.” The drink is called punch because it was originally made with only five ingredients: alcohol, sugar, spice, lemon juice, and water.


What kind of rum to use in Rum Punch

If you didn’t know, rum is made almost entirely from sugarcane or molasses. But that doesn’t mean that all rums are the same.

You’re going to want to use at least three different kinds of rum. As mentioned previously, your base should consist of dark rum, light rum, and coconut rum. You can play around with the brands and the variations of these rums, but this is the recipe for an authentic rum punch.

Maybe you want some flavored rums for a hint of citrus or mango in your punch. Perhaps you want some spiced rum to add some extra kick. This is where you get to have some fun and be creative with your ingredients.

One popular rendition of rum punch is a pineapple rum punch. Just add some pineapple-flavored rum as a substitute for your dark or light rum. Add some grenadine for color. The result is a decadently sweet drink.

If you really want some acidity to your punch, add an additional type of rum to the mix. Be careful, though; adding four different types of alcohol to a mixture can get intense. If it’s too strong, you can dilute your punch with some fruit juice.


Putting it all together for the perfect Rum Punch

Perfecting your rum punch mix takes practice. Be prepared to experiment a little and endure a little bit of trial-and-error.

Keep this handy rhyme in mind when putting your rum punch together: “One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong, four of weak.” This saying basically means that punch should be made with one part juice, two parts sweetener, three parts rum, and four parts water.

It’s not a perfect rule, but it’s close. Follow these guidelines loosely when making your punch. The most important part of this rule is to always include more water than rum. Ignoring this rule can lead to the creation of a dangerously intoxicating punch.

For the sour aspect of your punch, maybe throw in some lemon or lime. You want your punch to be sweet, but you also want it to have some tanginess to it. Including a wide variety of notes in your palate will result in a much more complex drink.

For the sweet factor in your punch, use multiple different fruit juices. Use whatever fruits you like, but try to use fruits that are very sweet in nature. Pineapple juice, orange juice, and grape juice are solid options.

We already discussed briefly how much rum to use, but we didn’t discuss how these different rums will affect your mixture. Dark rum will typically muddy your drink up in color while spicing up its taste. However, light rum will usually lighten your drink in color while adding some smoothness to its taste.

Meanwhile, coconut rum adds a tropical hint to your punch. It is potentiated by the fruit juices you choose. For this reason, it is wise to use fruit juices that compliment the taste of coconut.


How long does Rum Punch lasts

If you’re preparing rum punch for an upcoming party or event, it is imperative to know how long your mixture will last before it spoils. A good rule of thumb is to make your rum punch a maximum of 24 hours before your event.

However, do not add any fresh fruit to the mixture until it is ready to be served. Fruit elements like orange slices, lemon slices, or cherries can start to rot if stored improperly. Even if stored at an ample temperature, the fruit will not be nearly as fresh as if it’s cut and added to the punch at the time of serving.

Another note to consider is if you’re using citrus in your rum punch, it might start to sour if stored too long. If you’re cutting it close to the 24-hour mark, it’s best to add the citrus later when the punch is ready to be served.

If you make your rum punch right, you probably won’t have to worry about leftovers. But if you need to store your rum punch, put it in the refrigerator as soon as you can.


How to serve Rum Punch

Now, you know how to make rum punch. But how do you serve it?

One aspect you need to consider is how you’re going to keep your punch cold. If you add ice to it, you might water down the drink and dilute the flavors.

A clever way to keep your punch cold is to freeze berries or slices of pineapple and toss them in your mixture. Using this method also helps flavor the drink even more. And who doesn’t like ice-cold chunks of fruit in their punch?

Another aspect to consider is running out of punch. What do you do if your crowd absolutely decimates your bowl of punch? Well, you make more.

If you notice that you’re running low on punch at the party, you can begin to make some more in a new bowl. Do not add ingredients directly to the bowl that is already out, as you can easily mess up the ratios of your drink.

Instead, start completely new. Experiment with your batch until it tastes nearly identical to the batch that is out. Once you’re done making a new concoction, add the new mixture to the old one.


The takeaway

There really is no wrong way to enjoy rum punch. This cocktail is ideal for a warm summer day. But it can really be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

There are also many different variations of rum punch. If you ever get bored of the traditional recipe, try making a Barbados rum punch. Just substitute the regular dark and light rums with some Barbados rum and add a dash of some Angostura bitters.

If you really want to get crazy, you can even add vodka, prosecco, champagne, or ginger beer to your rum punch. For other additives, consider lemon-lime soda, ginger ale, or club soda.

There are many debates about what makes an authentic rum punch. But one thing is for sure. No matter what kind of rum punch you’re sipping on, it is damn delicious.

For supplies to create your own rum punch, check out Saucey. We deliver a multitude of different spirits, beers, and wines all around the United States. For fresh, top-quality alcohol delivered directly to your door, there’s no better option than us.

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