Hpnotiq History

Hpnotiq History

The liquor with the weirdly-spelled name

A long time ago, my brother bought a bottle of Hypnotiq with the intention of impressing a girl he had brought home one day. I don’t know if it worked, and to be honest, I don’t care to find out. What I DO know, however, is that he enjoyed the appearance of the bottle. So much that, it sits on his dresser to this very day. And that day was over ten years ago!

I myself have never tried it. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy learning about the Hpnotiq history. And as someone who has obviously searched the subject, you can enjoy it too!

Short primer on Hpnotiq history

I say ‘short’ for a good reason. There isn’t a whole lot behind the Hpnotiq history that isn’t modern, or just savvy marketing. However, it’s no less interesting for that either!

It might not sound so interesting, but the reason behind something’s creation doesn’t make it any more or less profound. In 2001, Hpnotiq was created by a college dropout named Raphael Yakoby. One day, he saw a blue perfume at Bloomingdale’s, and decided to create a blue liqueur as a result.

Don’t let the labels ‘college dropout’ and ‘lived with his parents at the time’ give you a bad impression; Yakoby was all hustle. After partnering with another fellow named Nick Storm, the two tried and failed to sell the concept to a beverage company.

And so, they went out into the streets, and pushed Hpnotiq on every bar and club they could find. Eventually, the one and only P. Diddy agreed to sell the drink in his restaurant; this made it an eventual popular New York drink! And through good marketing and excellent brand awareness, it became even bigger. That’s the Hpnotiq history!

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Ages 21 and up only; no breaking the law!

Unfortunately, you can only use this service if you’re 21 or over. Saucey is very careful about making sure we operate within the parameters of the law. ID checks are necessary for every single delivery. Your delivery person will use a scanner to check your driver’s license, passport, or state-issued ID card. Your delivery will be given to you once your age has been verified via identification scan. Once that’s done, now you’re ready to drink your whiskey. And now that you know the Hpnotiq History, you’ll appreciate it more!

Have a hard time making cocktails? We do bartending too!

If you happen to need a bartender as well as someone to deliver your order, then read on! If you go on over to our bartender’s page, you’ll find that we can easily help out with that. Once your order is placed, then we can have one ready for you. You will, of course, need to let us at Saucey know what the date and time of your event is. We also must have a head count for the number of guests you intend to have.

Your bartender(s) will arrive thirty minutes before your planned event in order to set things up. Saucey can provide up to six bartenders at any given time. They can make multiple different recipes for your occasion. And if you want, you can teach the Hpnotiq History at your party!

Is there a delivery fee?

You’ll like this part: No! At Saucey we don’t do the whole delivery fee thing. We prefer to keep pricing as simplified and easy as possible. We like it better that way, and so do our customers. And once you use Saucey for your needs, you’ll like it too! It doesn’t get any easier than this. Make your order order for Saucey today, and get your drink on without leaving your house! Now that you know Hpnotiq History you can enjoy their drink even more! But remember; drink responsibly!

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