Ketel One Vs. Grey Goose: Is There A Difference?

Ketel One Vs. Grey Goose: Is There A Difference?

Universally loved as a mixer, vodka is defined as a clear colorless liquor without a significant scent or flavor. It usually has an alcohol content of around 40 to 50 percent. It can be made from inexpensive and common raw materials such as potatoes and cereal grain, making it one of the cheaper liquors in the market,

Vodka may be the most common liquor in the bar as it is consistently a top choice for consumers looking for a liquor with excellent cocktail flexibility. While there are numerous vodkas to explore, a few vodka brands have risen to the top. Here we will discuss two well-known vodkas, Ketel One and Grey Goose.

Names like Ketel One and Grey Goose are among the more premium vodkas available in the market. Their portfolios regularly incorporate unique flavors, and they are a go-to choice when it’s an ideal opportunity to stir up an extraordinary vodka mixed drink. They are among the most popular vodkas in the market, and many people agree to spend money on these vodkas over competitors thanks to great marketing and stunning reputations. So, between Ketel One vs. Grey Goose, which one is better? We will compare the two vodkas against each other.

Ketel One vs. Grey Goose

Let’s Talk About Ketel One

Ketel One is a super-smooth vodka without any ruffles. It is one of the cleanest vodkas you will ever try and an outright pleasure when chilled or served over ice. You’ll see it best in simple recipes like the vodka martini and vodka tonic.

Ketel One Vodka was born in 1983 and has been accessible in America since 1984. A blend of present-day and conventional refining procedures, Ketel One is a unique item, both fresh to taste and delicate on finish.

Ketel One Flavors:

Ketel One’s flavor portfolio is insignificant contrasted with others. It’s limited to Citroen (a mix of four lemon and two lime assortments) and Oranje (enhanced with two kinds of oranges). On various occasions, the brand releases unique versions of its vodkas too.


Ketel One is the brand that may help cause less severe hangovers. That is also one of the reasons for its popularity.

Ketel One Drink Recipes

Here are some quick and easy recipes for your Ketel One.

1.     The Ultimate Mojito


  •       1.5 oz. Ketel One Citroen Vodka
  •       0.5 oz. soda water
  •       1 dash simple syrup
  •       1 splash lime juice
  •       10-12 mint leaves


Muddle your mint leaves in the bottom of the glass: Shake vodka, lime juice, and simple syrup with ice in a cocktail shaker. Pour into an ice-filled Highball glass; top off with soda water. Garnish with a mint leaf.

2.     Vodka Soda With Grapefruit Thyme


  •       1.5 oz Ketel One Vodka
  •       3 oz Club Soda
  •       1-2 wedges of sliced grapefruit
  •       Sprig of thyme


  •       Use a collins glass with ice.
  •       Add grapefruit wedges. 
  •       Add 1.5 oz Ketel One Vodka. 
  •       Top with 3 oz club soda. 
  •       Garnish with a grapefruit wedge and a sprig of thyme.

3.     Kettle One Oranje Soda


  •       1.5 oz. Ketel One Oranje Vodka
  •       3 oz. club soda


Pour Ketel One Oranje and club soda into a rocks glass over ice. Stir gently. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

Let’s Talk About Grey Goose

Grey Goose is a go-to for many vodka lovers. You will hardly be disappointed as it is one of the most mixable vodkas out there, and it is everywhere. Grey Goose is sweet and smoky, with traces of citrus. Grey Goose vodka has marketed itself as the world’s best tasting vodka after being rated as such by the Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago in 1998. Millions and millions of happy customers agree with the institute’s decision.

Cognac, France product Grey Goose Vodka has been a top-shelf staple in American bars since its creation in 1997. It utilizes Picardie wheat and spring water filtered by limestone to make spotless tasting vodka that can be marketed as super-premium.

Grey Goose Flavors

Le Citron, L’Orange, and La Vanille are staples for any balanced bar. La Poire, their pear-inspired vodka, is truly outstanding in its flavor, while Le Melon is breathtaking for summer drinks. Gray Goose Cherry Noir is a fantastic choice for flavored beverages such as a Cherry Collins or a Cherry Noir Limeade. As is the case with Ketel One, Grey Goose also releases special edition flavors on special occasions.


Grey Goose is also one of the brands that may help cause less severe hangovers.

Grey Goose Drink recipes

Here are some Grey Goose recipes we know you’ll love the next time you’re ready to try a new cocktail:




Combine ingredients with cracked ice in a blender. Blend for a few seconds until smooth. Pour into a chilled cocktail glass, garnish with mint leaves, and serve.


  •       Two slices cucumber
  •       1/2 ounce lemon juice
  •       1/2 ounce simple syrup
  •       1 1/2 ounce pear vodka 
  •       1/2 ounce elderflower liqueur (St. Germain)
  •       3 ounces lemonade (or club soda, to taste)
  •       Garnish: mint leaves
  •       Garnish: cucumber slices
  •       Garnish: lemon zest

Steps to Make It

  •       Gather the ingredients.
  •       In a cocktail shaker, muddle the cucumber slices with the lemon juice and simple syrup to release all the cucumber’s juice.
  •       Fill the shaker with ice and add the remaining ingredients.
  •     Shake vigorously and double strain into a highball glass over fresh ice
  •       Top with lemonade or club soda. Garnish with mint, cucumber slices, and lemon zest.
  •       Serve and enjoy!



  •       1 ½ oz Cherry Noir
  •       ½ oz Elderflower liqueur
  •       ½ oz Freshly squeezed lemon juice
  •       1 oz Pomegranate juice
  •       ¾ oz Prosecco


Combine the first four ingredients in a shaker. Shake vigorously and strain into the flute glass. Top with the prosecco and present with a fresh black cherry.

Ketel One Vs. Grey Goose: Which One Is Better?

From a price perspective, Ketel One is more affordable than Grey Goose. A 750ml of Ketel One will typically be a few bucks cheaper depending on the store you’re shopping at. Is a few dollars a deal-breaker? Maybe. Kettle one is difficult to beat at the cost, and anyone who is a vodka lover will tell you the same.

Many consider Grey Goose to be wildly exaggerated. Many will argue that the only thing super-premium about it is the branding and the marketing. Ketel is the same quality yet typically better worth.

The truth of the matter is that most consumers wouldn’t be able to tell the two apart in a blind taste test. Add in a mixer, and the lines become even more blurry. Especially on your 2nd or 3rd glass!

In case you need a gluten-free option, Grey Goose was allowed endorsement by the TBB to categorize itself as gluten-free. You might be wondering how that works, considering we just got done explaining that Grey Goose is made with Picardie wheat. Although that is true, all traces of gluten are removed during the distillation of the Vodka. So if gluten-free is a requirement for you, this might be the choice for you.

Both of these vodkas are a fine choice for any vodka lover and you won’t go wrong with either one. However, they aren’t the only choice out there as the market is flooded with niche and small-batch makers all around the world. Check out our vodka selection for more details on a number of fantastic vodkas! 

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