6 Life Changing Gluten-Free Hard Ciders

Do Something Healthy This Fall, Drink Hard Cider

Did you know that drinking hard cider is actually good for your health? It’s true, hard cider is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants! Hard cider actually has more antioxidants than some non-alcoholic drink choices like green or black tea. Added bonus, the majority of hard ciders are also naturally gluten-free. Sounds like a guilt -and gluten- free excuse to skip the gym, put on some sweats, and order a six-pack to us!
Although it’s become increasingly popular in recent years (thanks, Hipsters!), hard cider actually arrived with the Pilgrims. So, you might even say that drinking Hard Cider is patriotic. In fact, I would definitely say that. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “American as apple pie”, well I’m pretty sure the originator of the phrase meant to include apple pie flavored alcoholic beverages as well.
No other adult beverage screams good old-fashioned American Fall like hard cider. Sweet enough for casual drinkers, but strong enough for a seasoned semi-pro, hard cider is the perfect Autumn drink. Although it’s possible to make hard cider from other fruits, apples are definitely the staple. Even though you can get the fruit at grocery stores year round, traditional apple cider usually doesn’t hit the shelves until mid-September and disappears shortly after Halloween, due to the limited shelf life of the fresh-pressed drink. Lucky for those of us 21 and up, alcohol is a preservative!
Much like beer, wine, or liqueur, there’s a great deal of variety in hard cider. Some are crisp, sharp, and a little bitter, while others are a sweet and smooth blend of Fall spices with a more traditional cider taste. Whatever your preference, there’s a hard cider for you to try this Fall.
So, now that you know that drinking hard cider will make you healthier, prove you love your country, and gives you a buzz… Let’s check out some delicious gluten-free hard ciders you can get delivered to your door.

1. Stella Artois Cidre

If you’re typically a beer-drinker, then Cidre by Stella Artois is the perfect transitional hard cider for you. It’s got a little bit of apple sweetness, paired with a crisp dry flavor that will leave you thirsty for more.
Stella Artois is best known for their signature beer (by the same name), but their Cidre isn’t just revamped version of their traditional pilsner. Although Cidre and classic Stella Artois have a similar appearance, Cidre is much lighter and airier.
It bubbles like a champagne when poured and the foam dissipates quickly, unlike a beer. If you’re looking for a cool crisp drink to pair with the last few warm evenings of Fall, or just need something that looks fancy and tastes good for a BYOB Halloween party, Stella Artois Cidre is the hard cider for you.

2. Anthem Cider

Anthem Cider is a perfect hard cider for those of you who want a classic. Semi-tart and medium sweetness, this hard cider aims to please. It would be a great grab for that work friend’s bonfire you kind of forgot you had to go to this weekend.
Each pressing of Anthem Cider uses a variety of apples since it’s available year-round they tend to go with what’s in season. Every bottle includes a batch number which lists all the different types of apples used in that particular pressing. Anthem uses old favorites like Red Delicious and Granny Smith, to give those classic flavors you’d expect, but they also use some lesser known apples like Jonagold and Opal. No matter the type of apples, all of the ingredients included in Anthem Cider are sourced from the Pacific Midwest, and they don’t add any sugar to their blend, so the delicious sweetness you taste is an all natural product of the apples and juice used in the pressing process.
Anthem is upfront about all of their ingredients and sources, a definite plus in this new age of additives and flavor enhancers. Not to mention, you can use that apple list on the bottle as an ice-breaker for that awkward pause once the jokes about Karen from accounting’s collection of cat sweaters get stale.
Anthem also comes in an aluminum can form, making it perfectly portable and a great addition to any hiking or camping trip.

3. Blackthorn Cider

Blackthorn Cider is the perfect hard cider for a seasoned cider drinker. Its clean, crisp flavor is a bit more bitter than sweet, so if you’re looking for dessert in a drink, look elsewhere. However, if you want a full-bodied, apple flavored pint of deliciousness, then look no further!
Blackthorn Cider is the perfect cocktail embodiment of the story behind it. In 1972, a group of master cider makers in the UK was tasked with making a new and improved cider. They took their inspiration from the mysterious Blackthorn tree, whose fruit becomes sweeter from enduring a harsh and bitter winter. Made entirely from bittersweet apples, Blackthorn symbolizes that many of life’s sweetest moments come from embracing and conquering the many challenges life throws at you. Not to mention, they come in a four pack of mildly ominous looking pint size cans, making them the perfect addition to any Halloween or Autumn themed party.

4. Not Your Mom’s Apple Pie

If you are looking for dessert in a drink, we’ve got you covered on that front too. Although not technically a hard cider, we’re including it here because it’s an apple-packed flavored beer you don’t want to miss this Autumn. Plus, if you like the little bit of sweetness that hard cider brings to the beer world, then you will definitely love Not Your Mom’s Apple Pie.
This tasty Fall brew is made with apple juice, cinnamon, nutmeg, and Madagascar vanilla. If it’s sounding more like a baked good than an alcoholic beverage, then we’re on the same page. It’s a decadent blend of creamy ale and silky cider, a perfect after-dinner drink.
Pop the top on one of these, close your eyes, and enjoy an alcoholic take on a classic Fall dessert.

5. Angry Orchard Crisp Apple

This is a gluten-free hard cider with attitude. Just like a starting a relationship with a one-night-stand, it’s complex yet refreshing.
Although they make a few different flavors, their Crisp Apple variety is the quintessential hard cider. Using a blend of traditional culinary and bittersweet apples, the brewers have captured the feeling of biting into a crisp cool apple fresh from the tree.
With its ominous name and packaging, this hard cider would be perfect for any Halloween party this Fall. Its bright, bold flavor would make an excellent addition to any Autumn night. Whether you’re raking leaves, carving pumpkins, or trying to cast a spell on your ex, this hard cider is exactly what you’re looking for.

6. Redd’s Apple Ale

Although technically an ale and not a hard cider, Redd’s Apple Ale gets an honorable mention here. In addition to all the health benefits hard cider inherently carries, Redd’s Apple Ale is also a low-calorie choice. At 165 calories per 12-ounce serving, Redd’s Apple Ale is a great way to get the delicious Fall flavor you crave without all the extra calories.
Beyond the health benefits, this ale is tasty and traditional. Some even credit Redd’s Apple Ale for the increased interest in hard cider in recent years. One of the first in the U.S scene to blend delicious apple flavors with crisp classic beer, Redd’s Apple Ale is a drink for trend-setters and traditionalists alike.
No matter what your hard cider tastes are, Saucey’s got you covered this Fall! Browse our website to check out all of these hard ciders and more, delivered right to your door.

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