The Versatility of Tequila | Don Julio, 21 Seeds, Astral, DeLeon

It’s no secret that tequila has gained popularity in recent years, specifically for its new air of sophistication as the perfect complement for any occasion. These days, we know at least one thing to be true: tequila is way more than just a party drink. Whether you prefer to sip it neat or mix it into a refreshing cocktail, there’s a tequila out there for every occasion.

Don Julio 1942

Ahh, yes. The gold standard of tequila, Don Julio 1942, has entered the chat. Crafted with the highest quality agave and aged for a minimum of two and a half years in American oak barrels before being distilled to perfection, it’s no wonder this tequila stands out from the rest. Not only does it boast a sophisticated level of smoothness but rich flavor as well. It’s perfect for an intimate gathering or special occasion with friends — just break out your best glassware and let the good times roll.

21 Seeds

Where flavor meets tequila, 21 Seeds provides exceptionally unique, flavorful tequilas infused with real fruit juice. Before it was the brand we know today, it was just a couple of bottles of tequila-infused in a kitchen with things the founder had on hand, like oranges, cucumbers, and jalapenos. Flash forward to a lot of work later, 21 Seeds holds its own in the tequila industry. From backyard BBQs to bougie weddings — you’ll find their tequila anywhere there’s flair. For those more daring, why not try a cocktail made with their Cucumber Jalapeno tequila?


Astral Tequila believes that the more good energy we put into our world, the more good energy goes around, so each sip of Astral Tequila continues the cycle of giving back. After distillation, the agave fibers are upcycled into adobe bricks which will be used to build homes and community centers in local communities in Mexico, creating more places to gather with loved ones and feel connected. Using their time-intensive process, they believe that even the discarded fibers of the agave plant can be used to benefit communities around the world. Seriously, they upcycle their agave fibers and use them for adobe bricks to make actual buildings. It’s easy to see how much they care about their slow and steady process and fostering a better community. Astral Tequila Blanco is a solid tequila that is exceptionally smooth and has herbal and citrus undertones, making it a perfect companion for any activity – day or night.


DeLeon is a luxury tequila focused on achieving astonishing depth of flavor in only just two distillations. DeLeón Tequila boasts an incredibly flavorful profile with an added crispness imparted by a unique cold filtration that allows the citrus notes to shine through and take center stage. Expertly crafted subtly sweet notes of coconut and fresh citrus that lead to an exceptionally smooth finish of vanilla and warm brown spice, it’s perfect for sipping and ideal for a memorable evening. This tequila pairs well with light meats or seafood and takes the spotlight in any margarita or mule, so whip up your favorite light meal, make yourself a drink with DeLeon, and bask in the glory under the stars this summer.

Tequila for Everyone

With the emergence of high-quality tequila brands like Don Julio, 21 Seeds, Astral, and DeLeon, it’s clear that there’s much more to this distilled spirit than meets the eye. From unique flavors infused with real fruit juices to sustainability and luxury, there is certainly a tequila out there for everyone. Cheers.

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