Every Winston Cigarette Type: A Guide

Winston cigarettes stand out in the tobacco market for their commitment to pure tobacco with no chemical additives. This focus on natural ingredients has made them a popular choice for smokers seeking a smooth, full-flavored smoking experience.

Breaking Down Winston Cigarette Types

Winston Red

Overview: A robust, full-bodied cigarette with a hearty taste.

Details: Ideal for those who enjoy a strong, traditional tobacco flavor.

Cigarettes like Winston Red: Resembles Marlboro Red, known for its full-bodied tobacco experience.

Price Range: $14-$17 per pack

Winston Gold

Overview: A lighter variant, offering a smoother smoking experience.

Details: Perfect for smokers who prefer a milder taste but still want the Winston quality.

Cigarettes like Winston Gold: Comparable to Marlboro Gold, offering a similar light smoking experience.

Price Range: $14-$17 per pack

Winston White

Overview: The lightest option in the Winston range, known as “ultra light.”

Details: Suited for those seeking the lightest possible tobacco flavor.

Cigarettes like Winston White: Check out Marlboro Silver, providing an ultra-light smoking experience.

Price Range: $14-$17 per pack

Winston Black

Overview: A bold, darker blend with a unique sweetness.

Details: Ideal for smokers who enjoy a robust taste with a hint of sweetness at the back of the throat.

Cigarettes like Winston Black: Smoother and less bitter than American Spirit Black, offering a similar boldness with a sweeter profile.

Price Range: $14-$17 per pack

Winston Select Blend

Overview: A mellow flavor profile with a subtly sweet taste.

Details: Perfect for those who enjoy a smoother, less bold taste than the Winston Red and Black.

Cigarettes like Winston Special Blend: Consider Camel Blue, known for its smooth and mellow flavor.

Price Range: $14-$17 per pack

Do Winston Cigarettes Have Additives?

No, Winston cigarettes are known for being made of pure tobaccos without any flavorings or artificial ingredients. This commitment to natural tobacco distinguishes Winston from many other brands, appealing to smokers who prefer a more natural tobacco experience.


There’s nothing quite like a Winston cigarette, a high quality tobacco packed for a consistent draw. If something sounded like it would fit your preferences, head over to Saucey and see which Winston cigarettes or other tobacco products are available in your area. We offer same-day delivery across different cities throughout the United States.

While Winston offers a range of tobacco experiences, it’s important to remember that all smoking poses health risks. The healthiest option is to avoid smoking altogether.

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