8 Cocktails That Will Prepare You For Peak Brunch Season, a.k.a Spring

A lil’ spring in your step and a cocktail in hand.

The sun is (mostly) shining. The days are getting longer. The air is smelling all fresh and whatnot. Your allergies are starting to act up. All the flowers on your walks are like, “omg hi, it’s been such a long time.” It’s finally spring! 

OK, OK, fine. The season doesn’t officially start until March 20. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start practicing for those gorgeous sunny days and what is commonly referred to as Peak Brunch Season. 

Behold, some inspo for the many backyard brunches we see in your very near future. Or for right now. Love that for you.

Lazy Sunday Sunrise

The flavors of smooth whisky, citrusy aperitivo and bright prosecco come together for a bubbly, brunch-worthy cocktail your guests will love. TO MAKE: Shake Crown Royal Deluxe Whisky, aperitivo and simple syrup with ice. Strain into a rocks glass and top with prosecco and soda. Stir and garnish with the blood orange slice.

The Sparkly Don

Pop the bubbly and pour the tequila for this sunny, agave-sweetened brunch bev. TO MAKE: Shake the tequila, grapefruit juice and agave nectar together with ice. Strain into a champagne glass and top with prosecco.

Feisty Vitamin C

Cut the sweetness of prosecco with vodka and sparkling water. TO MAKE: In a champagne or white wine glass, pour vodka, sparkling water and prosecco. Top with orange juice and gently stir. Garnish with the orange twist and raspberries.

More Sunshine, Mo’ Ginger

The spiced notes of Captain Morgan work perfectly in an iced tea. You can use any tea you fancy, but we’re big fans of a traditional black tea for this cocktail. TO MAKE: Add rum to an ice-filled highball glass and pour in the tea. Stir together and garnish with the lemon slice and fresh mint.

Make The ‘Mosa Out Of It

Sometimes the traditional mimosa is too sweet. Or not citrusy enough. Or maybe you just really like gin. Enter the Ginmosa, your ticket to bubbly-meets-OJ paradise. TO MAKE: In a champagne or white wine glass, pour gin, prosecco and sparkling water. Top with orange juice and gently stir. 

The Caffeinated Russian

It’s the ultimate chill-brunch bev: iced coffee with a li’l kick of Baileys Irish Cream. TO MAKE: Pour coffee into an ice-filled glass. Add Baileys Irish Cream and stir.

The Sassy Screwdriver

For some reason, bourbon and the citrus flavor of oranges just go perfectly together. Treat your brunch buds to this flavorful take on a screwdriver cocktail. TO MAKE: Pour the bourbon and orange juice into a lowball glass and stir. Garnish with the peach slice and rosemary sprig.

Grapefruit Rose & Shine

You want a showstopper of a cocktail that has only two ingredients and zero added sugar? You’ve come to the right place. TO MAKE: Fill a wine glass with ice and add Ketel One Botanical Grapefruit & Rose. Top with soda water and stir well. Garnish with the grapefruit wheel and rose petals.

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