9 Scary-Good Halloween Drink Combos

Count Drinkula. That’s you. Time to get into the Halloween spirits.

It’s the spookiest time of the year, friends (not counting, um, everything else that’s happened so far in 2020). And since walking through haunted houses and screaming in people’s faces is not an option, we all going to need to get our jollies elsewhere. And by “elsewhere” we mean alcohol, of course. 

We’ve made it scary-easy to brew up cocktails this Halloween so you can cruise through your day in full-on zombie mode.

Apple everything. Pumpkin everything. Spice everything. Wrap yourself in a knockoff of Lenny Kravitz’s giant scarf & clear the calendar. You’ve got some apple drinks to drink.

Hard Punch For Soft Witches

Bloody Mary Keeps Killin' It

A Fresh Death in the Afternoon

Apple Alcohol > Candy Apples

Shot so Good It's Scary

All The Treats, Zero Tricks

The Captain's Cursed Booty

The Royal Beheading

Barely Bloody Johnnie Walker

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