Election Week 2020: 10 Drinks That Will (Maybe) Make It Bearable

Welp. Here we are. Election Week 2020. Pretty wild to think we’ve spent the last 236 years reading nonstop coverage about the election and now it’s finally time for the country to decide who is going to lead the country. Exciting! 

(And by “exciting,” what we mean to say is: Please, please let this go smoothly, America. Nobody wants to stress-eat an entire bag of fun-size Snickers over the course of a single night, but we will if we have to.)

Will we know the results of the election by the end of November 3rd? Or the 4th? Or maybe the 5th or 6th? Or by Thanksgiving? Truly, it’s anybody’s guess. The only advice we have as far as making it through this very “exciting” week is to a.) let your rollercoaster of emotions run its course, and b.) make sure you’re fully stocked up on the drinks you need to make it through this.

Here are some very necessary supplies you can get delivered all week long, now that you’ve voted (haven’t voted yet? There’s still time!)

Ciroc the Vote

Johnnie Walker Highballot

There's Too Many 3D Maps

The Stress Reliever

The Very Orange Tan

The Malarkey Maker

The Mail in Bulleit

The Trusted Political Party

The Monarch's Side Eye

Winner of the Popular Vote

The Electoral College Prank

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