What Is The Healthiest Liquor for Weight Loss?

Healthiest Liquor for Weight Loss

Losing weight is a challenge for millions of people around the world. With fast-food restaurants on every corner, pre-made meals at the supermarket, and endless snack options, it can be tough to drop a few pounds. 

While managing what you eat is a great step in the right direction, it’s only part of the problem. You have to exercise often, watch the times of day that you eat, and watch what you drink. And that includes alcohol.  

Drinking alcohol is often touted as an unhealthy activity that can contribute to becoming overweight. Depending on the individual, that may or may not be true. At the very least, drinking alcohol can affect one’s ability to lose weight but may not make you gain weight.  

While there is truth to this, unless you’re binge drinking often, you’re likely not overdoing it on the calories, especially if you’re only having a drink or two every now and then. However, regardless of your drinking habits, it’s a good idea to be aware of what you’re drinking and how much. 

Some forms of alcohol are better for weight loss than others

If you’re trying to lose weight, you probably don’t want to be downing a six-pack of a heavy stout every weeknight. However, that’s not the only thing you should watch out for.

When people think about calories concerning alcohol, they typically think of beer, but all alcohol is high in calories. As you’ll see, some liquors are better to drink than others if you’re trying to lose weight. Similarly, there are some brands of liquor that are better options for reducing your caloric intake.

As you may know, the stronger an alcoholic drink is, the more calorie-dense it will be. That means a 7% beer will have more calories than a standard light beer that is 3.2% alcohol by volume. The same is true of liquor. A liquor that’s 80 proof will have fewer calories than one that is 100 proof.

Generally, alcohols like gin, vodka, whiskey, rum, and tequila all contain about 97 calories per shot of 1.5 ounces. On the other hand, if you wanted to drink a glass of white wine, you’d be consuming roughly 128 calories per drink. A craft beer would take it up to between 170 and 350 calories per 12 oz.

Why do some alcohols have more calories than others?

Just like fat, protein, and carbohydrates contain a specified amount of calories per gram, so does alcohol. One gram of fat is nine calories; protein and carbs are both four calories per gram. Pure alcohol contains seven calories per gram. But when you drink a shot of vodka, a beer, or a glass of wine, you’re not drinking pure alcohol.

Rather, these alcoholic beverages have alcohol, plus other substances that add to the calorie count. For instance, wine is made from grapes, which means there will be sugar left over after the grapes ferment. Beer is made from grain, and often, sugar is left that couldn’t be broken down by yeast during the brewing process.

Regarding liquor, there are usually no carbohydrates or other additives that add calories to straight spirits. However, some spirits may come with flavoring that adds sugar. Sticky, sweet, and highly flavored liquors will contain more calories. Additionally, some producers may add sugar to reduce the bite of the liquor.

The real problem, when it comes to spirits, is what you drink it with. If you’re drinking bourbon and coke, you’re going to get a lot more calories compared to bourbon on the rocks.

Similarly, other cocktails, like margaritas, may have many mixers and additives that add sugar and calories. Thus, the best way to drink alcohol while wanting to lose weight is to drink spirits and drink them with few mixers or additives.

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The best liquors for weight loss


Gin is known to be a love or hate drink. It has almost a kind of cult following. When you like gin, you really like it, and you probably choose it every time you drink. If that’s you, you’re in luck as it’s one of the best ways to drink while watching your calories.

While a gin & tonic is one of the most common gin drinks around, tonic water adds a lot of calories. One standard can or bottle of tonic water contains roughly 125 calories. If you want to drop those calories while still having a mixer for gin, consider soda water.

Soda water has 0 calories, and it still adds that desired carbonation to the drink. Gin, soda water, and fresh lemon or lime is the perfect way to drink gin while being mindful about your caloric intake.  

The best gin to drink while watching calories is Seagram’s Extra Dry Gin. It’s low in calories, has a great natural flavor, and pairs wonderfully with soda water and lime.  


Vodka is a classic liquor for cocktails and mixed drinks. Many vodka producers also make the spirit with added flavor. As a vodka drinker, that can be dangerous if you’re not careful about what you drink. If you want to watch your calories but still want some vodka, make sure you opt for straight vodka.  

For example, a brand like Tito’s Handmade Vodka is the perfect option. This vodka has an enticing first flavor, a smooth body, and a pleasant aftertaste. What’s more, Tito’s is ideal for mixing with low-calorie options.

You can try your Tito’s Vodka in a vodka press with soda water and lemon and lime wedges instead of the sprite or ginger ale. You’ll be dropping all the calories that you’d normally get from drinking vodka in a more complex cocktail.

If you want something else, you can opt for a Moscow mule, as it’s more complex yet still doesn’t have too many calories, especially if you only use vodka and ginger beer.


Whiskey enthusiasts will stand by this—it’s best enjoyed neat or on ice. Most whiskey drinkers don’t like to mix their whiskey with something. Doing so takes away all the flavor inherent to whiskey. Why ruin something already good?

Furthermore, whiskey is a broad name that can be stretched to countless variations. You can drink Irish whiskey, bourbon, or scotch, each of which will have its own unique flavors.

However, if you are looking for something to mix whiskey with, you can find some options that are low-calorie. You can opt for a modified Irish Coffee by adding only Irish whiskey into your coffee plus a splash of milk.

Another option is a whiskey ginger. By using Irish whiskey, or your favorite type of whiskey, a ginger ale, and a bit of lime juice, you’ll have a wonderful tasting cocktail, low in calories.

Consider Jameson for your Irish Whiskey needs.


For many, finding something to mix with rum that isn’t loaded with calories might be tough. You rarely find someone sipping on a glass of rum as they would if it were whiskey. Nor will you find people mixing their rum with soda water.

Rum is a bit trickier. However, you do have options! You can make yourself a low-cal mojito by using white rum, lime juice, and mint. It may not have the sweetness of a standard mojito, but that’s not what you want.

You can also try rum with coconut water, as it has slim to no calories. Add some lemon or lime and a bunch of ice, and you’ll have a great mixed rum drink that keeps you in check with your calorie count.

If you’re interested in an excellent white rum for easy drinking, look on further than Bacardi Superior. It has more than enough flavor for you to be forgoing the sugary mixed drinks for good.


When someone says tequila, you’re likely thinking tequila shots all the way. Tequila is another love or hate kind of drink. You might be the one yelling out for tequila shots to your friends, or you might be the one hiding when a friend does the same. There’s not much of an in-between.

However, love or hate it, tequila is a great drink to have on its own. For those who do love it, you’ll know the wonderful, complex flavor present in a good tequila. Additionally, as tequila is made with agave, it has a natural sweetness to it.  

If you don’t want to take tequila shots, order it on the rocks with a splash of water and a few limes. You’ll love the natural taste of tequila when it’s a bit watered down and flavored with lime.

One of the best tequilas to drink straight is Patron Silver. It’s the ideal silver tequila that’s loaded with flavor yet easy to drink.

The bottom line

For someone trying to lose weight, choosing low-calorie spirits and drinking less frequently may help. Alcohol and mixers are often caloric, and the market is trying to offer consumers fewer sugary options.

If you want to lose weight, your best options are spirits. Try drinking your choice of vodka, gin, tequila, rum, or whiskey with a low-calorie mixer like a tonic, soda, or straight. Low-calorie beers are also a great choice as more delicious options come to market. Remember you can get whatever your preferred spirit is delivered to your door with Saucey.

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