What to Mix With Baileys

Baileys is an alcohol-infused Irish cream liqueur known for its sweet, savory notes of vanilla and cocoa and its milky texture. According to the brand, Baileys is the world’s first cream liqueur. 

The intention in creating this special drink was to combine elements of dairy cream with Irish whiskey. In 1792, the founders of the brand set out to create the perfect expression of this idea. Within two years, they were able to come up with the first official recipe for the drink.

Every year, about 200 million liters of fresh Irish milk are used in the production of Baileys. That’s enough milk to make 3.3 billion milkshakes. Dairy is the main component of this drink and is what gives it its creaminess.

Wondering what you can mix with this decadent drink? Keep reading below with Saucey for our favorite ingredients to mix with Baileys.

Basic guidelines for pairing with Baileys

When you sip on a glass of Bailey’s, it feels almost like you’re drinking an ice cream float. The drink is flavorful and dense but also simple enough to blend with other drinks. 

This spirit is great to enjoy on its own, but it’s even better when mixed with other drinks. No matter what you choose to mix it with, it’s sure to be delicious. 

The only hard rule to abide by when mixing Baileys is to avoid citrus notes. Any drinks containing high citric acid levels should be left alone, as they can cause your Baileys to curdle. Simply put, dairy and citrus don’t work well together, and fruit can be questionable, as well. 

Guess what that means? Yup, you guessed it. No sodas or juices.

The concoctions you’ll create with this creamy drink definitely differ from your conventional cocktails. In many ways, Baileys mixed drinks are a lot more fun to experiment with. 

Coffee and Baileys

One of the most popular pairings with this liqueur is coffee. This might be the first time you’ve heard of alcohol is mixed with your daily serving of caffeine unless you’re a fan of the infamous Irish Coffee, but we promise you’ll love it. 

This mixture is absolutely heavenly. If you didn’t know any better, you might even think that Baileys was made to use with coffee. 

The sweet notes of the drink match beautifully with the bold, robust taste of coffee. For the old-school sippers, you can use black coffee. You can add sweeteners and creamers to your coffee for those looking for some additional flavor and texture. 

You can also use Baileys as a substitute for the cream that you normally use. With how naturally creamy the liqueur is, you won’t have to worry about compensating for its consistency. Just don’t take this cocktail with you to work.

The Coffee Martini

If this pairing seems too simple for you, you can also opt to make a coffee martini. Usually, martinis are made with gin and vermouth, and sometimes, they’re made with vodka

You can get some really amazing results from swapping out one of these spirits for Baileys. Play around with the ratios of your ingredients and match them to your preferences. For instance, if you aren’t the biggest fan of vermouth, switch it out for some Baileys. To top things off, rim your glass with some crunchy, ground espresso beans. This crunchiness complements the smoothness of the drink well. 

Hot chocolate and Baileys

Similar to coffee, hot chocolate is another warm beverage that improves the flavor of Baileys. The liqueur already tastes like cocoa, so it blends seamlessly with hot chocolate. 

Just throw a splash of Bailey’s into your cup, mix it up, and you’re good to go. This mixed drink is especially tasty when miniature marshmallows are added. 

Even with a basic cup of Swiss Miss, Baileys is a valuable ingredient. There’s no better way to warm yourself up on a cold winter day than with a hot chocolate cocktail of Baileys.

Just like coffee, you can also make a martini out of this pairing. Ever had a chocolate martini? This cocktail is the epitome of a dessert drink. Enjoy it with other sweet goods like cookies and cake for maximum effect, or sip it in place of dessert.

Ice cream and Baileys

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Baileys is meant for just hot drinks. There are a ton of cold options to mix with this liqueur. And ice cream is one of them. 

Now, this recipe isn’t exactly a cocktail—it’s more of afloat. Without a doubt, this is one of the more unique mixed drinks you’ll taste in your lifetime. 

To make your float, add one scoop of ice cream into an empty glass. The best type of glass to use is a vintage ice cream parlor glass. 

Pour a shot or two of Baileys into the glass. You can add more later, but start out with just a shot or two until you can nail down the drink’s flavor. 

You can use basically any type of ice cream, but the best flavors to use are chocolate, strawberry, and rocky road. For a more unique flavor profile, you can use flavors like peanut butter, pumpkin, or cookies and cream. Once you’ve got all your base ingredients in your glass, it’s time to mix it up.

Use a spoon or a blender to mix your drink until you’ve reached your desired consistency. For a thicker, fuller drink, stir lightly. For a smoother, more liquid drink, stir vigorously. 

You can also add syrup to the mix, like hot fudge, caramel, or butterscotch. In addition, you can add fruit toppings like banana, peaches, or strawberries, as well as nut toppings like peanuts, walnuts, or almonds. Whipped cream works well, too. 

Club soda

Okay, so we know that we said not to mix soda with your Baileys. But it’s a completely different story when we’re talking about club soda.   

Unlike most soft drinks, club soda does not contain a high level of citric acids. Its carbonation actually comes from minerals like sodium or potassium salts. Almost no other additives are used.

In contrast, citric acid is almost always added to soft drinks and flavored sparkling waters, as it gives them their tangy, sharp taste. 

Add a shot or two of Bailey’s to your club soda of choice to make this drink. Stir until the contents of the drink are fully blended. Add a few ice cubes if needed, then serve.

This is a relatively simple cocktail, but it’s very versatile. You can enjoy this drink during the winter or summer months, in the mornings or in the deep depths of the night.  

Guinness and Baileys

When you’re matching ingredients, it’s always a good idea to combine elements that come from the same place. Typically, different regions host different flavors in their foods and drinks. 

For example, a French wine like Baron De Seillac French Sparkling White Wine pairs well with a French cheese like Cacouyard. The incredible smoothness of this drink really complements the rich tenderness of the cheese. 

When it comes to Baileys, this phenomenon is as apparent as ever. That’s why we recommend mixing your Baileys with Guinness, an iconic Irish stout. 

Guinness is characterized by its hard-hitting taste, lightened by its roasted malt aromas. Just like Baileys, this stout has a creamy texture, as well as some sweetness in its palate. 

These two elements create a highly aromatic cocktail that can be smelled a mile away when mixed together. In terms of alcohol content, this recipe is a bit stronger than those previously mentioned, so just keep that in mind when creating your ratios.


Baileys was first introduced to the market in 1974, but with how well-loved this drink is, you’d think it’s been around for centuries. 

Alone or mixed, this drink will provide a burst of different flavors and aromas. In the category of cream liqueurs, there are few brands as reputable as Baileys. 

With an alcohol content of just 17%, this drink is scarily easy to drink. Bring a bottle of Baileys to your next party or kickback, and just watch the crowd swarm toward this gem. If you really want to impress your peers, come prepared with a Baileys cocktail. 

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get to mixing.

If you’re shopping for Bailey’s, your best bet is Saucey. We carry many different flavors from the brand, as well as a ton of other cream liqueurs. And to make your life easier, we deliver it straight to your door.

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