Which Cigarettes Have the Most Menthol?

Menthol cigarettes have always stood apart in the smoking world, thanks to their distinctive, cool flavor and sensation. But which ones really pack the most menthol punch? Let’s dive into the details of menthol in cigarettes and explore some of the top menthol-heavy brands available.

What is Menthol and Why Menthol Cigarettes?

Menthol is a chemical compound naturally extracted from peppermint or corn mint plants, or it can be synthesized. Known for its cooling effects, menthol offers a soothing sensation on the mouth and throat, significantly reducing the harshness typically associated with cigarette smoke. It also suppresses the cough reflex, allowing for a smoother and more tolerable inhalation of smoke.

First introduced into cigarettes in the 1920s and 1930s, menthol’s popularity soared in the 1950s and 1960s. While almost all cigarettes contain some level of menthol, it’s the brands that use it in larger quantities, imparting that familiar minty flavor, that are called “menthol cigarettes.” Interestingly, despite various bans on characterizing flavors in cigarettes, menthol remains an exception. This exemption has been a focal point for public health groups, leading to significant pressure on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to enact broader restrictions.

The integration of menthol into cigarettes goes beyond just flavoring. Menthol’s cooling effect masks the harshness of tobacco smoke and suppresses coughing, making cigarettes easier to smoke – especially for beginners. These characteristics potentially make menthol cigarettes more appealing to young, inexperienced smokers.

According to Truth Initiative, menthol cigarettes are most prevalently used among youth, female smokers, racial and ethnic minorities, sexual minorities and those with mental illness.

Cigarettes with the Most Menthol

Camel Crush with Most MentholCamel Crush

A 2016 study identified Camel Crush cigarettes as having one of the highest levels of menthol. Although high in menthol content, some smokers argue that the flavor quality doesn’t match up to other brands.

Newport Original

Newports rank as the most popular menthol cigarette, known for their strong menthol flavor that leans towards a classic “mentholish” taste rather than a minty one. The brand offers a range of varieties:

  • Regular Newports: Strong, with a distinct, almost chemical-tasting menthol flavor.
  • Newport Golds: A lighter option.
  • Newport Blues: Milder than regular Newports but not a light cigarette.
  • Newport Smooth Select: Full-flavored with a robust menthol kick.
  • Advice for New Smokers: Newcomers might find regular Newports too intense; starting with lighter variants is recommended.


For those seeking an intense menthol experience, Kools are a go-to. This brand is known for:

  • Kool FK (Filter King – Green pack): A robust, strong menthol flavor where the tobacco taste is almost unnoticeable.
  • Kool Milds: Not exactly light, but milder than the Filter Kings.

Marlboro Green Pack

Marlboro Greens are essentially the Marlboro Reds infused with menthol, offering:

  • Robust Flavor: Stronger than some competitors like Salem, these cigarettes deliver a full menthol flavor.
  • Variants: Available in full flavor, light (Gold), and in 72’s, 100’s, and King sizes.
  • Marlboro Gold Menthols: A lighter, less intense menthol experience compared to the full-flavored version.
  • 72’s Difference: Noted for a more minty and clean menthol taste compared to the King/100 versions.

Final Thoughts

While each of these menthol cigarettes offers a unique smoking experience, it’s crucial to remember the health implications of smoking, menthol or otherwise. The smoother taste of menthol cigarettes might make them seem less harmful, but they carry the same health risks as non-menthol cigarettes. As always, it’s best to approach smoking with caution, being fully aware of its effects on health.

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