Non-Alcoholic Wine: What Are Your Choices?

There are so many reasons why cutting back on your liquor consumption may be rewarding. Whether you’re trying to lose some weight, doing a dry January, or you’re just sick of waking up with hangovers, it never hurts to cut back on your drinking.

However, if you love the taste of a glass of wine or don’t want to miss out on the social aspects of drinking, the prospect of giving up wine completely may be daunting. Luckily, there are many non-alcoholic wine options out there that will let you enjoy the taste and feeling of drinking wine without the alcohol content or the hangover.

Let’s go over some of the benefits of cutting back on your alcohol consumption and find some recommendations for the best non-alcoholic wines on the market today.

Benefits of cutting back on wine

Obviously, wine is delicious, and we all love drinking a glass or two. But, there are a variety of reasons why it may be a good idea to cut back.

One of the biggest reasons to cut back on wine is weight loss. If you’re looking to shed a few pounds, cutting out alcohol may be the key to your success. While drinks like wine and vodka can be low-calorie, there are some sneaky ways alcohol can stunt your weight loss that you may not be aware of.

One of the main ways that wine consumption can affect weight loss has nothing to do with its calories. It all has to do with your liver. The liver’s primary role is to filter out any foreign substances that enter your body, such as drugs and alcohol. The liver also plays a large role in the metabolism of fats, carbs, and proteins. Too much alcohol consumption can lead to liver dysfunction, which can stunt how your body processes what you eat.

Overconsumption of wine can also lead to bad decisions regarding food, disrupted sleeping patterns, and hangovers. Plus, the “beer gut” isn’t a myth. Foods high in simple sugars, like candy, soda, and alcohol, can lead to rapid weight gain, which often accumulates in the stomach area.

Cutting back on wine can also have a ton of benefits for your mental health. Drinking too much interferes with chemicals in your brain that is vital for good mental health. Cutting back on how much you drink can lead to vast improvements in overall mood.

Too much wine can also harm the skin. Alcohol can cause puffiness, redness, and acne. Once you cut back, you’re sure to notice improvements in your skin’s overall texture and brightness.

Non-alcoholic wine options

If you want to reap the benefits of cutting back on wine but don’t want to give up on enjoying a glass from time to time, we definitely recommend experimenting with some non-alcoholic wines. We’ve gathered a list of some of the best ones on the market today.

Chateau De Fleur Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine

If you’re a champagne lover but don’t want the booze that comes with it, Chateau De Fleur Non-Alcoholic is a delicious, bubbly option. It’s refreshing and crisp, with flavors of apple and peach. It’s delicious when chilled or combined with orange juice to make a mimosa. Plus, it contains 0% alcohol.

Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon (Non-Alcoholic)

If you’re looking for an alcohol-free Cabernet Sauvignon, try this one from the brand Ariel. It is aged in oak barrels and has aromas of black currants, cherry, blueberries, and chocolate. It has soft tannins and a dry finish. It technically has a small amount of alcohol, less than .5% ABV, but this is negligible. With only 52 calories in an 8 oz. serving, it’s a great option for anyone trying to lose weight or just cut back on their booze.

Ariel also makes a non-alcoholic Chardonnay with tropical fruit character and subtle oak notes. It has a distinctive combination of buttery apple and butterscotch flavors. Just like their Cabernet Sauvignon, it has less than .5% ABV.

Chateau Diana Zero-Alcohol Red Wine

The Chateau Diana Zero-Alcohol red wine is a delicious red blend with red fruit, cherry aroma, red plum, sweet tea, and cola scents. The flavor is fresh, with bright red fruit, like berries, tangerines, raspberries, and cherries. It has an incredible balance of fun and light flavors, with a pleasant sweetness.

Stella Rosa Peach Alcohol-Free

Stella Rosa is a brand that makes a ton of fruity, sweet wines that are extremely popular. Now, they even offer an alcohol-free version of their beloved Stella Rosa peach-flavored Moscato. It’s called Stella Rosa Naturals Non-Alcoholic Peach, and it’s packed with flavors of fresh fruit, white peach, and wildflower honey. It’s fun to sip, can be served over ice, or even made into a mocktail.

St. Regis Dealcoholized Chardonnay

If you’re looking for a liquor-free Chardonnay, look no further than St. Regis Dealcoholized Chardonnay. It gets rave reviews for its full body and impeccable balance. It has good acidity and pairs well with food, so it’s perfect for serving at a dinner party.

This wine has delicate aromas of apples and pears on the nose, complemented by flavors of smoky oak. This wine proves that just because a wine is dealcoholized doesn’t mean it can’t be complex and delicious.

Sutter Home Fre Alcohol Removed Sparkling Brut

When searching for non-alcoholic sparkling wine, it can be difficult to find one that isn’t overly sweet and doesn’t just taste like juice. Sutter Home has an entire line of non-alcoholic wines, but their Alcohol Removed Sparkling Brut is the clear standout. It has a fragrant bouquet of green apple and bright pear, with a crisp palette of apple and strawberry. It has effervescent bubbles and a crisp, dry finish that will leave you feeling refreshed.

Sutter Home Fre also makes a sparkling rosé, a Chardonnay, a still Rosé, a Moscato, a White Zinfandel, a Red Blend, a Merlot, and a Cabernet Sauvignon, all sans-alcohol.

Le Petit Chavin Non-Alcoholic Rosé

If you’re a fan of rosé and looking for a non-alcoholic version that tastes like the real thing, Le Petit Chavin Non-alcoholic Rosé is definitely for you.

From winemaker Pierre Chavin of France, this wine has a nose with intense aromas of fresh red fruits and is ripe with freshness, flexibility, and liveliness. It pairs wonderfully with light bites, like salads, appetizers, and desserts. The Le Petit Chavin Zéro line proves that even a fine French wine can be made non-alcoholic.

Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Sparkling Rosé

Hailing from Germany, the Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Sparkling Rosé is bubbly, refreshing, and cool. If you like some bubbles along with your rosé, definitely give this one a try. It is medium in body and made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes. Not only is it loaded with delicious fruit flavors of strawberries, red berries, apple skins, and minerals, it also has bright acidity and a zesty mouthfeel to balance out the sweetness, giving the wine a lovely, dry finish.

Be Well Cabernet Sauvignon Non-Alcoholic

The Be Well Non-alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon is a great option for an off-dry red. It has flavors of black plum and dark cherry, with firm tannins and hints of cocoa powder. It is a full-bodied California Cab and has a powerful and mouth-coating palate. It is recommended to serve it slightly chilled, and it can accompany a variety of foods, from veggie burgers to soft cheeses to chocolate-based desserts.

Tempranillo Non-Alcoholic Red Wine

Produced in Spain using traditional wine-making methods before it’s de-alcoholized, the Tempranillo Non-Alcoholic Red Wine is a delicious option that actually tastes like red wine. It has lovely chestnut brown color and features aromas of fresh red fruits and notes of ripe cherry. It pairs wonderfully with appetizers and meat-based dishes.

TÖST Sparkling Beverage

TÖST is a bit different from the other wines on the list because, well, it’s not actually a wine at all. Rather, it is an alcohol-free sparkling beverage made from white tea, white cranberry, and ginger, instead of being made like a traditional wine and then having the alcohol removed. TÖST is a great non-alcoholic wine-like option, as it is dry, refreshing, and all-natural.

In addition to their original flavor, TÖST has also recently come out with a rosé-inspired beverage made with white tea, ginger, and elderberry.


There are so many reasons why someone may want to cut back on alcohol in their life or cut it out completely. And with more amazing alcohol-free wine options on the market, it’s easier now than ever. You can still enjoy a refreshing glass of wine without worrying about any of the side effects.

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