What Makes a Good Summer Wine?

What is considered a good summer wine?

Though it’s not usually the first beverage to come to mind for Americans, wine is the perfect summer cookout drink. From burgers to steaks to grilled chicken skewers, wine is an excellent pairing with almost every grilled meat or barbecue delicacy that you can imagine. 

If you’re looking for the perfect summer wine, we recommend a dry, light to medium-bodied wine with high acidity to cut through the fattiness of grilled meats. The color is not so important as the flavor palate and body. Stay away from very full-bodied or dry wines – they will weigh you down without leaving you refreshed.

Which wine is best for summer?

If you want to start and end your search for the perfect summer wine right here, we can help: Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc is the best summer wine out there. Not too sweet, not too dry and with a little spicy kick to round off the palate, sauvignon blanc is a delectable and versatile white wine that can pair with anything on your picnic table, from chips to grilled vegetables to roast pork to ice cream. 

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Is Chardonnay a good summer wine?

It’s best to avoid chardonnay that is heavy on oak flavor or full-bodied, but some brands of chardonnay are good matches for the summer. 

Kim Crawford Chardonnay is “unoaked,” meaning it does not have the thick oak notes typical of most chardonnay. The absence of oak allows the wine’s sweeter, tropical fruit flavors to shine through. Chardonnay is a great summer white wine alternative if you want something a little drier than a typical Sauvignon Blanc.

What type of red wine is good for summer?

The best red wine for summer is pinot noir. The flavors of ripe, red fruit are at the front of this wine’s palate and sail down your throat on a bed of velvet. 

Smooth, fruity, and slightly sweet, Kim Crawford Pinot Noir is the perfect accompaniment to grilled salmon or steak and can even serve as a delicious base for red sangria. Mix Kim Crawford Pinot Noir in a carafe or pitcher with fresh seasonal fruit like cherries, berries, oranges, and peaches. Add a little sugar or fruit juice if you like your sangria sweet, and some rum or brandy if you like it strong. 

Of course, though not truly a red, rosé is always in season during the summer. Semi-sweet and perfectly pink, Kim Crawford Rosé is like a liquid cornucopia of summer fruits. Flavors of strawberries, watermelon, and light cream compliment spicy dips or juicy grilled chicken and turkey. 

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To quote Kim, whenever you order a bottle of wine through Saucey, “it’s not delivery, it’s self-care.” At around $15-$18 per bottle, Kim Crawford wines are also a practice in self-care for your wallet. Bring a bottle to your next barbecue, or ask us to deliver a case right to the party.

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