The Best Riesling Wines Under $20

You may have heard people refer to Riesling wines here and there—for example, if you’re ever visited a wine bar. But do you really know what a Riesling is? Sometimes, when you’re in a conversation and certain words come up (especially when they have to do with wine), we all just nod and hope that no one asks you anything too specific.

Riesling is a white grape, which means it is used to make white wines. White wine is typically made with white grapes, although it can be made from other varieties. The main designation is that white wines have had the skins separated before the fermentation process. On the contrary, red wine is generally made from red or black grapes, and the skin remains on throughout the fermentation process.

Riesling wine uses grapes that originated in the Rhine River Region. Nowadays, this grape variety can be used to make both still and sparkling wines, and they can range from dry to semi-sweet to sweet. Often, Rieslings are described as “perfumed,” thanks to their flowery aroma and high acidity, and they tend to taste relatively light and delicate.

Next time Rieslings come up in your dinner table conversation, you’ll be well equipped to not only partake in the conversation and show off your knowledge but to give recommendations too.

Perfect for sharing


Most wines are perfect for sharing. In fact, some are almost too good to share, but it would be selfish not to share something so great. For this reason, we have three recommendations of what Rieslings that you can share with your friends. 

The Sutter Home Riesling is a California wine that’s ideal for a picnic with friends. It is nicely balanced and offers the perfect amount of acidity and sweetness. Plus, this pack conveniently comes in four small bottles, giving you a perfect opportunity to share with your friends and family – who are of legal drinking age, of course.

Another option that’s perfect for sharing is the Peter Brum Riesling. This wine comes in a stunning blue bottle that’s almost too pretty to open and enjoy—but not quite. This superstar white wine is bound to leave you and your friends extremely happy. Pair it with a cheese board, and you’re all set for the aesthetic evening of your dreams.

Another aesthetically pleasing wine that’s perfect for sharing is the Funf 5 Riesling. Unlike many other Rieslings, this wine is a bit smoky, with floral notes and mineral aromas. With its clean finish, this wine is sure to get the job done.

Beautifully balanced


There is something just so special about a beautifully balanced wine, maybe because they’re so hard to find. But striking the right balance when it comes to wine doesn’t have to be difficult.

The Chateau Ste Michelle Harvest Select Sweet Riesling is a beautifully balanced wine. This wine presents a gorgeous balance between sugar and acidity. What more could you ask for?

Another beautifully balanced Riesling is the Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling. This wine offers a floral and fruity aroma. It is sweet and rich without being overwhelming. The main flavors of this wine are lime, peach, and apple, making it perfect for a sunny spring day.

Out of this world, or country


All of us could use a little vacation right now. Take a trip away from the comfort of your home in style with these two fabulous Rieslings. 

One wine that is out of this world is the Fish Eye Riesling. This Australian wine has subtle apricot, lemon, and pineapple flavors. It is a light-to-medium body wine that is bound to take you on a trip.

Another Australian wine bound to make you feel like you’re down under is Jacob’s Creek Dry Riesling. The delicate floral aroma is perfect for your girl’s night out or your guy’s night in, and the light citrus flavors of lime and lemon will tantalize your palate in the best way.

California Rieslings


Okay, so maybe an international vacation isn’t a big appeal to you right now. Let’s keep things a bit closer to home. Try one of the following California wines for a vacation that’s just a little closer to home.

You may be familiar with the California wine brand Yellow Tail. But have you tried the Yellow Tail Riesling? This wine delivers peach and lychee aromas, and it’s both sweet and smooth, making it perfect for relaxing after a long day.

This double gold medal winner at the 2011 San Francisco International Wine Competition is one of our favorite Riesling box wines. The Bota Box is one of California’s best efforts—it’s fresh and delivers flavors of crisp apples. You may even get a hint of flowers from this one. While the Bota Box Riesling is a little over $20, it is well worth it (especially considering how much wine you’re getting.

The Forest Ville wine is also proud to be from California. This wine offers a silky and fruity light-to-medium body. It offers aromas of grilled lemon and peach skin, along with a tangy lime-spritzed green apple.

You’ve probably caught on to it by now, but California is chock full of wonderful Riesling wines. The Barefoot Riesling is no exception. This wine has tasty Mandarin orange and tangerine aromas, with silky, lush peach and pear flavors.

Easy and enjoyable drinking


After a long day of work, sometimes you want nothing more than to play it safe. You just want to kick back and relax. For those days when everything just seemed to go wrong, we would recommend the following two wines. 

The Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi is easy-drinking wine. The medium-sweet to sweet white wine has floral notes that enhance the wine’s core fruit flavors.

The Cono Sur Bicicleta is another easy and enjoyable wine. With brilliant yellow and green tones, the wine gives off flower notes verging on citrus fruit flavors. The slight minerality leads to a fresh acidic finish, making sure you enjoy every last drop.

How to get a hold of these wines

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The takeaway

The best way to contribute to those dinner conversations about wine is to know your stuff. And logically, the only way to know your stuff is to drink your wine. We know, it’s pretty enticing. Saucey offers tequila, whiskey and scotch, vodka, beer, and so much more—meaning you can get educated with Saucey whenever you want.

The next time Riesling wines or anything alcohol-related comes up, you’ll be sure to know everything you need to impress everyone around you – even yourself. To prove a point, you can even show your friends how you can get your hands on all the drinks you’re talking about through Saucey. What are you waiting for? Let’s get cracking and crack a bottle.

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