What Is A Stout Beer To Try This Fall?

As autumn falls upon us, temperatures drop, and the months become a lot darker, you might be reaching for a heavier, more flavorful beer. There is no better time to grab a stout than when the weather is cooling down and becoming drearier.

Stouts are robust and bold, much like those gusts of wind that will be howling through the night. Why not match the season with your drink of choice?

Do you have a hard time choosing between a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and a beer? Are you having a bonfire and want to maintain the smokiness in your drink? Want to feel like you’re drinking Mexican hot chocolate?

If that just made your mouth water, check out these popular stout beers you should try this fall. And don’t forget to clean up that drool.

Guinness Draught Stout

Guinness is probably the first beer you think of when you think of stouts. Ever popular among Irish pubs and especially during St. Patrick’s Day, it’s arguable that the Guinness may still not get enough love year round.

Crafted with precision, this stout is neither overly sweet nor merely bitter. It boasts a harmonious blend of roasted malts, giving it that characteristic deep ebony hue. Notes of coffee and chocolate weave through its profile, perfectly balanced by its subtle hop bitterness.

Bourbon County Stout

Bourbon County has made it to Forbes’ Stout Review List. So, not to brag on this beer, but it’s definitely one worth checking out. Its obsidian color, notes of chocolate, and nutty finish make for the perfect stout for fall.

Business Insider calls this one of the most sought-after beers in America. With it being barrel-aged for a whole year bringing out even the most complex flavors, it’s not hard to see why.

The blend of caramel and vanilla flavors and the creamy finish will remind you of apple pie and ice cream on Thanksgiving. And if you happen to bring this stout to Thanksgiving dinner, your family won’t be disappointed if the apple pie is missing.


Bell’s Cherry Stout

One of the cornerstones of Bell’s stout portfolio, Bell’s Cherry Stout, is packed with the tartness you crave during fall. Are you eating cherries or drinking beer? You won’t be able to tell the difference.

This stout doesn’t double up on sweetness to coddle your tastebuds. The tartness of 100% Montmorency cherries are packed into this dark ruby beer. So, go grab that Halloween chocolate that’s on sale and pair the chocolatey goodness with the tangy flavors of Bell’s Cherry Stout.



North Coast Old Rasputin

Planning an oceanside bonfire on a crisp autumn night? North Coast Old Rasputin has got you covered. This stout will blend in with the night sky with its jet black appearance. Drinking this beer guarantees a bitter and bold flavor.

The smokiness of North Coast Old Rasputin comes from the striking notes of espresso and hints of milk chocolate. It’s paired nicely with a floral aroma to balance out some of the intensity. This smooth stout isn’t afraid to show up bold but will end in a velvety caramel flavor.


Deschutes Obsidian

GQ.com appreciates how simple and classic this stout is. Deschutes Obsidian keeps its ingredients traditional and straightforward.

It pours in alluring jet black and has an earthy aroma with a whiff of coffee. This stout has a roasted maltiness while keeping a dry finish.

Obsidian is robust and rich but has just enough sweetness and creaminess to make this a great fall stout. It’ll give you the bite you need while providing the black licorice notes you crave during Autumn.


Stone Brewing – Xocoveza Mocha Imperial Stout

Do you want a beer that will heat you up on a chilly fall evening? Xocoveza Mocha Imperial Stout does just that with its intense cinnamon and nutmeg flavors. If that isn’t enough heat, this stout really warms things up by adding pasilla peppers to the mix.

To balance out these intense flavors, Xocoveza Mocha has notes of cocoa and vanilla that add a lot of sweetness. The spicy blend with the sweet makes for a slightly bitter, smooth drink resembling Mexican hot chocolate. Great for cold the cold nights of November.


Belching Beaver Brewery – Peanut Butter Milk Stout

Who doesn’t love eating a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup while watching the leaves turn colors? This Peanut Butter Milk Stout is Belching Beaver Brewery’s mixture of peanut butter and their famous Milk Stout Beer.

They definitely nailed it with this combination.

The black pour of this stout is absolutely stunning and complemented by the delightful aroma of roasted peanuts, coffee, and dark chocolate. This is great to drink after salty Halloween party appetizers with its sweet peanut butter and caramel flavoring.


Sam Smith Organic Chocolate Stout

Sam Smith Organic Chocolate Stout pairs perfectly with pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.

This stout is brewed with well water and has its chocolate malt gently roasted. The smooth and creamy flavor of this beverage makes it the perfect dessert beer. With its chocolaty profile and tones of coconut, Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout is the ideal complement to a sweet dish.

And the dark black color with a chocolate aroma makes it feel like you’re luxuriously pouring melted chocolate into your glass.



Young’s Double Chocolate – Chocolate Stout

Young’s Double Chocolate Stout is as dark as chocolate and has a slightly burnt cocoa aroma blending with roasted malt and coffee. With a touch of milk and dark chocolate, this stout lives up to its name.

You can fulfill all your cocoa needs with Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. The balanced, dry finish gives it a pleasant, smooth taste to balance out the bitterness.

This stout is great to quench that post-Halloween chocolate craving. You know. When all the stores run out of candy and you’re back to buying regular-priced bags of 100 mini Snickers.


Begyle – Flannel Pajamas Oatmeal Stout

Muddy and black, Begyle’s Flannel Pajamas Oatmeal Stout makes you feel as cozy and warm as pajamas on a frigid fall morning. This smooth stout is flavorful and earthy with aromas of roasted cocoa and notes of fudge and caramel.

The smooth flavors of Begyle’s Flannel Pajamas Oatmeal Stout will feel as soft as cashmere PJs on your tastebuds. And the warm hint of chocolate will make drinking this stout feel like you’re drinking hot cocoa or a decadent mocha coffee.

You’re essentially drinking your pajamas with this beer. All the comfort. None of the choking hazards.


Hair Of The Dog – Putin Imperial Stout

Hair of The Dog is great for the bourbon lover who wants a beer instead. And maybe your drink of choice if you have a hangover and decide to try this method. The unique smell of bourbon pairs with the smell of bitter coffee and smoke. This stout is bold in the nose and in the mouth.

Keeping up with the smoky, this stout offers a robustly smoky flavor. Hair of The Dog has a roasted dark chocolate flavor that doesn’t have too much bite and is brought out best by the vanilla and hint of underlying coffee.

This beer’s roasted taste and smokiness are an excellent accompaniment with a foggy fall night when you want a drink that will keep you warm and wake up your olfactory glands.


The takeaway

Fall is a time of embracing the oncoming darker days and colder nights.

And stout beers will help you do just that. With their bold flavors and dark appearance, it’s like the whole season has been condensed into one bottle, and you’re lucky enough to be able to drink it.

Choose a stout beer that will compliment any fall festivities you have planned, from Thanksgiving parties and Halloween gatherings to a random Thursday night. With stouts ranging from sweet and chocolatey to earthy and roasty to tangy and spicy, you’ll be able to find the perfect drink to help you relax in the chill of Autumn.

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