Perfect Wine Ideas For Every Type of Person on Friendsgiving

If you’ve never hosted a Friendsgiving before, don’t fret. Being around family for the holidays is wonderful, but spending quality time with your girlies/buddies? Magical. Brilliant. Never-before-seen. 

Why is it that every time your close friends get together, the wine appears? I guess, after all, God did say, “Let there be wine.” 

That’s totally what God said, right? 

Best wine ideas for Friendsgiving

For the most classy – Veuve Clicquot – 2008 Brut Gold

Veuve Clicquot’s fine balance between fruit and toasty aromas makes everyone who sips this sparkling feel important. While the first sip tastes like a pear or nectarine, the lingering aromas go deeper with each sip, leaving more of a toasty fig or almond flavor.

If you’re headed to a classy Friendsgiving (whether you like it or not), Veuve Clicquot is a perfect way to add to the dinner’s wow factor. The price is exactly what you get: luxury, smooth, and strong. If you’re around the classiest of people, they’re gonna notice that you brought the perfect bottle of sparkling.  

For the people who are just looking to get tipsy fast – Barefoot – Pino Grigio

The light-bodied classic from Barefoot brings up sweet, white peaches and fresh, green apples. With its accented floral blossoms and crisp, citrus aroma, it’s the perfect wine to pair with anything heavy. 

When you’ve come to a party but don’t want to show up empty-handed, this is your best option. Since it is such a classic, refreshing wine, it’ll be a great way to wash down any sort of pasta, poultry, or politically charged dinner conversations. Heck, get the 1.5 L bottle. You’ll thank us later. 

For the person who knows wine but doesn’t want to come off snobby – Orin Swift – Blank Stare

Lemon zest, gooseberries, passionfruit, lemon bars, and fresh-cut grass make this Sauvignon Blanc a winner for Friendsgiving dinner. The acidity dims down the sweetness and brings forth the faintest hint of sage. It’s dry like Sauvignon Blanc’s are, with a lingering kiwi finish.

If wine makes you lowkey really excited, but you don’t want to come off as a wine snub, this  Sauvignon Blanc is perfect. First off, Sauvignon Blanc, in general, is the best wine for Friendsgiving. Since you’ll most likely be having a lot of different sides, the acidity in this wine will groove really well with everything else you have going on. And plus, people will think you bought it because of the cool label. Score.

For the cheap-O’s (no shame) – The Kinker – Cabernet Sauvignon

Full-bodied and dry, this Cabernet Sauvignon brings up the black currant, plum, and blueberry aromas that flow effortlessly together. The Kinker will be the perfect addition to any red meat or roasted vegetables with a juicy entry and a zesty finish.

A cab is a cab is a cab, right? This is the cheapest bottle of wine you could ask for, and it’s great for the price. Most people probably won’t notice the difference, or maybe it’ll be the wine that sits on a shelf for a few months. No worries, you brought something to Friendsgiving and that? Is enough. *If there’s a cheese plate around – crack this bad boy open immediately.*

BONUS: Castellar Cava Brut – Champagne/Sparkling

It’s a time to celebrate and be with your friends. A Friendsgiving isn’t a Friendsgiving without someone bringing (and popping) the champagne. If you’re thinking about being that person, just do it—everyone will thank you for turning the Friendsgiving joy up to 11.

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