9 Creative Ways To Open A Wine Bottle Without An Opener

9 Creative Ways to Open a Bottle of Wine Without a Corkscrew

As a disclaimer: these ways to open a wine bottle are not 100% foolproof, and should be done very carefully, and preferably before you’ve had anything to drink.


1. A screw, screwdriver, and hammer

If you’re caught without a wine opener, but you do have access to a tool kit, using a screw, screwdriver, and a hammer is a pretty effective way to uncork a wine bottle. Simply grab a screw (the longer, the better), and screw it into the cork with your screwdriver until there’s only about an inch of the screw left exposed. Now, take the backside of your hammer, lock it under the screw, and pull the cork out. Simple, right? Just be careful wielding heavy tools around a glass wine bottle!


2. Push the cork in

This method isn’t ideal, because you’ll have the cork floating around in the bottle, but if you’re really in a jam, this is an easy way to get access to the wine inside your bottle. Take something long and study, such as the handle of a wooden spoon, and push the cork down inside the wine bottle.

Be aware that once you’ve pushed the cork in, it’s nearly impossible to get it back out, so you won’t be able to re-cork the bottle and save any unfinished wine. If the bottle of wine is old, the cork may also crumble and shed into the wine. If this happens, just use a strainer to get all the cork bits out while you pour the wine into a decanter.


3. Use a bike pump

If you have the kind of bike pump that comes with a needle attachment, give this method a try! It’s really simple. Take the needle and plunge it through the cork, ensuring that it penetrates all the way through until it reaches the air between the cork and the wine. Then, begin pumping air into the bottle. The extra air will even create enough pressure inside the bottle to push the cork out. Be careful; it may pop out forcefully, like a bottle of champagne.


4. Twist it out with a key

For this method, grab any key you have lying around. This works best with keys that have teeth, so it can grip the cork better. You can also use a serrated knife for this method, but keys are a little bit safer.

Plunge your key into the cork at a 45-degree angle. Grab the handle of the key and move it in a circle, so you’re slowly twisting the cork out. After a few rotations, the top of the cork should pop up, and you’ll be able to yank it out. Make sure your key is really securely lodged into the cork, because if it’s not, your cork may crumble.


5. Use a wire hanger

Wire hangers come in handy for all types of household jobs, like unclogging a drain or picking a lock (we won’t ask any questions about why you’re picking locks). Opening a wine bottle is yet another of their uses. This works similarly to the key method. Simply plunge the end of your wire hanger into the cork, ensuring it’s in there securely. Then, twist until the cork becomes exposed and give it a good yank.


6. Use pliers

With a small paring knife and a pair of pliers, you should be able to yank the cork out. Make a small cut with your knife on either side of the cork. Then, using a pair of pliers, or even some curved nail scissors, insert into the cuts you made, grip, and yank the cork out. Because you’re cutting the cork, this may result in some cork crumbling into the wine, but you can always strain it, or even pour your wine through a coffee filter to remove the bits.


7. Smack the bottle against the wall

This method might sound a little crazy, but trust us: if done correctly, it really works. However, this method can be a little dangerous, so only use it as a last resort. Grab one or two thick towels, and wrap them around your wine bottle to cushion it. Then, smack the bottom of the bottle against the wall repeatedly until the cork slowly pops out.

Obviously, this method does risk breaking your bottle, which is why it’s always important to use towels and do this very carefully. The cork won’t pop out on your first try, so don’t try to use your full strength and smack the bottle too hard to get it out. Hit the bottle firmly and repeatedly until the cork is dislodged.


8. Slap it with a shoe

This method works similarly to the towel and wall method, but it’s a bit safer. Just like the last one, wrap your bottle in a towel for protection. Grab a sturdy, flat-bottomed shoe, and smack the end of the bottle repeatedly to dislodge the cork. You may need a friend to hold the bottle for you while you do this. You can also turn the bottle upside down to get a little help from gravity, but make sure you stop before the cork is completely out, or you’ll spill your wine everywhere.


9. Apply heat

This method involves applying heat to your bottle and using the laws of science to your advantage. For this method, you’ll need a blowtorch or a really powerful lighter. Make absolutely sure your bottle is not cold because the sudden change in temperature can cause the glass to shatter.

To pop the cork out, apply heat with your blow torch or lighter to the spot on the neck of your wine bottle right below the cork. Spin your bottle to apply heat evenly around the neck. The heat will force the cork to move upward, and eventually, out of the bottle.

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